Senior Future Plans

Future Plans




Student Name (Legal Given Name):    


Mailing Address:


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Phone Number:    Cell Phone Number:   


Parent/Guardian 1 Name:   


Parent/Guardian 2 Name:  

Did you participate in extracurricular activities at any time while in grades 9-12?   Yes     No

Did you have a paying job at any time while in grades 9-12?   Yes         No

What do you plan to do following graduation? (To select multiple choices hold down Ctrl while clicking on each choice{ for Windows}/hold down CMD while clicking on each choice{for MacOS})


Comments:  (plan to work a year before starting college, plan to attend a community college for one or two years, then transfer to a four-year college, etc):  (List the type of employment you are interested in.)


What career are you interested in (if military; list the branch of service)?  


Are you the first child in your family to go to college?     Yes          No


What College will you be attending next year?

If you have not made a final decision, what college(s) are you thinking of attending? 

If you should move after graduation, who could we get in touch with (Other than your parents) who would always know your address? (Aunt, uncle, cousin, sister, brother, grandparent, friend, etc. who DOES NOT live at the address listed above).  If you are not sure of the address or phone number, at least list the town.




Relationship:         Phone Number:





(What you want to be said as you walk across the stage at Graduation)



Joe Smith plans to play soccer and receive his associate’s degree from Muscatine Community College, then transfer to the University of Iowa to major in civil engineering.

Erica Perez plans to work or join the Army before attending an undecided college.

Your  Name (Name you would like on diploma):     

Future Plans Statement (Please limit to 20 lines):


REMEMBER to also turn in one of your baby pictures and one of your senior pictures to the High School Office to be used in the video at Graduation.

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